Starcraft 1 How to cheat correctly

Starcraft 1 How to cheat correctly

Three Kingdoms With cheats and Zergs What to say more

Cheats : black sheep wall = reveal map for all (ai included )
– show me the money = 10 000 mineral and gaz
– something for nothing = upgrade to 1 step ahead in all upgrades possible
– operation cwal = super fast building/spawning
– power overwhelming = god mode insta kill and ai can’t kill each other

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  1. bballdaniel3 says:

    I keep losing games even though I've been practicing my macro and micro so I'm gonna try this

  2. Angela Dizon says:

    its just in single player not multiplayer ok guys his is the cheat:
    Black Sheep Wall
    Show me the Money
    Operation Cwal
    Food for Thought
    Power Overwhelming
    The Gathering

  3. Frying pan says:

    to show the entire map type " black sheep wall "

  4. Romina Trujillo says:

    it work if you're playing in cooperative ???

  5. Montreal MaryJane says:

    how come wen i press enter it says to allies and not message

  6. Iliyan Husein says:

    Does it work on any map and Terran terrain whatever its called

  7. matthunter565 says:

    LoL no prob sorry for taking 5 month XD

  8. matthunter565 says:

    operation cwal = fast construction / instant upgrade

  9. matthunter565 says:

    show me the money. something for nothing. (x3)
    black sheep wall = see all map

  10. mousaize says:

    what was the last cheat you wrote?

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